Keizer Medical

Keizer Medical established and certified in 2009, from the need to improve existing medical instruments, we arose. Using different types of steel we came to a very distinctive and high-quality range of products using the latest technology. Our innovative products for various specialties in medicine are for a worldwide market.

Think Keizer Medical

Profound knowledge requires the networking of
knowledge and experience and their consequent
evaluaon. A principle that Keizer Medical has
consistently followed for many years and which is
therefore expressly reflected in the statement
“Sharing Experse”. An exchange of knowledge
across all divisions of the group creates a broader
and therefore more sound knowledge base for
everyone involved. The result are well‐thought‐
out, far‐sighted soluons and a high level of
safety. For the benefit of the paent and in the
interest of the user.

With years of experience in the segment of
surgical instruments, the Keizer Medical division is
a competent partner for the interdisciplinary
exchange of knowledge.

The Keizer Medical product brand stands for A
diverse range of services that intelligently
combines high‐quality products with process‐
oriented services in terms of economy. Keizer
Medical is a reliable and accepted partner for the
enre surgical process flow in the clinic.


It owes the fact that Keizer Medical is one of the
best in the industry Company to its employees,
who are never sasfied with the first idea in
search of the best possible soluon. People who
constantly review, queson and opmize every

That is why Keizer Medical is much more than a
supplier of high‐precision surgical instruments: a
partner who listens and thinks closely,
understands the needs and requirements of its
customers and provides them with a high level.
From the product to services and seminars for all
funconal areas

Think Partnership

With contracts I keep it like in a partnership: mutual are trust and appreciaon the base.

Think Competence

The informaon and advice center in Tulingen is worldwide unique. No other place I could be so convincing and with advise on such a selecon.

Think Service

Somemes we make sure that everything runs smoothly with lile things. The main thing is that everything runs and Everyone is happy.

Think Quality

Our instruments are made by surgeons appreciated all over the world. I know why that's the way it is and make sure it stays that way.

Think Economy

In the beginning there are my conversaon partners somemes skepcal: high quality and nevertheless an economically sensible one Soluon? Then I just let facts speak.

Think Innovation

Every new product is like its own Infant. You care lovingly about it unl someme the house leaves.

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